Ofensive driving

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Lectii de imbunatatire a stilului de conducere pe strada. Mai jos sint enumerate citeva exercitii care va pot ajuta in acest sens .


Learning in your street car.

" To go fast on the track , you have to go slow in the cockpit " . Gilbert Pednault

1.Practice traffic awareness. When you have to make a sudden move , there is no time to check. You must know.

2.Practice eye technique until it is automatic. Carefully develop a brake-look-turn habit for every corner. In the beginning , make conscious and exaggerated head movement every time you turn. After a while it will become natural and you can begin using more eye movement and less head movement.

3.Stay relaxed in all situations. In a limit situation your car will be giving you a lot of information. It will be coming in through your ears , your seat , your feet and your fingertips. You will be listening to your tires , you will be feeling the car reacting to the track surface , you will be feeling the irregularities in your brake system and you will be feeling your front tires alternatively washing out and catching. You cannot assimilate this information if you are tense.

4. Practice placing your tires exactly where you want them. For example , place a front tire on a road irregularity and verify your precision by feeling it through the steering wheel.

5. Another thing you can do is to practice cornering lines. Develop the habit of clipping the outside at the entrance of the corner, a reasonable apex at the center and an exit at the left edge of the road. ( you will be in your half of the road anytime during this exercise )

6. Heel and toe downshifting is a good street car exercise. Develop this technique into a mindless and automatic habit.

7. Practice executing your cornering lines using only one movement of the steering wheel at your turn-in point and one to straighten the car at the exit. If you have to make a correction between the turn-in point and the exit , you have failed the exercise. Try again next corner.

8. look ahead of your car , at least for a distance equal to that you are going to travel for the next 1 to 2 seconds.

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